Asia: Festival to honor street food across the globe

Hungry for a change of pace? The World Street Food Jamboree in Singapore, May 31 to June 9, may be the place to find it.

The event, described as a "mega street food feast," will feature 35 master chefs. Entries will hail from Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, Malaysia, Copenhagen, Denmark, China and Singapore, one of the world's best-known street food cities.

In addition to offering unusual cuisines, ongoing events will include masterclass cooking demonstrations, an awards ceremony, discussions on street food opportunities, live music and other entertainment.

The jamboree is being held in conjunction with a two-day conference, World Street Food Dialogues, that will feature food experts such as American chef and author Anthony Bourdain; Saveur magazine editor James Oseland; Brett Burmeister of Food Carts Portland; and Singapore chef K.F. Seetoh, founder of the street food fest.

"As the day draws nearer," said Seetoh, "it is becoming crystal clear there is yearning for a movement like this, which offers opportunities for the disadvantaged and displaced and for investors and entrepreneurs.”

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