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Selecting a cruise can be confusing for even the most seasoned traveler. Besides researching your ports of call, you'll want to get a sense of your ship's particular culture -- who'll you'll be traveling with, for how long, and under what conditions. Below is a collection of threads from cruise devotees on our talk forums. Listen up. These folks dispense priceless advice on everything from proper attire to tips on tipping.

You'll be glad you asked ...

·  ... "how much should I pack?"
"I go with the mix and match theory--bring black, denim and khaki bottoms for the day time, with shirts that can be worn with all three." (more from "Dress Code and Footwear")

·  ... "what gadgets should I bring?"
"An 8 oz size water bottle which can be refilled (for free) later. Lots of ships charge for bottled water as you're leaving the ship for a day-trip to a warm port of call." (more from "Cruise Kit Goodie Bags")

·  ... "how much are all the extras?"
"I hated being nickelled and dimed..." (more from "What is NOT Included in the Price of My Cruise?")

·  ... "what drives your cruise obsession?"
"There is as much or as little to do as you'd like." (more from "Why Cruise?")

·  ... "what is cruise ship dining room etiquette?"
"The larger the number at a table the better the odds of meeting interesting folk so opt for a 6 seater." (more from "First Time Cruisers Need Dining Room Help")

·  ... "how do I please both my parents and my kids?"
"You probably want to focus on a cruise line with a good children's program. We did a multi-generational family trip to Alaska a few years ago." (more from "What Cruise to take with parents and children?")

·  ... "how can I get a cabin upgrade?"
"While unloading bags from the car at the dock, the baggage handlers told us that we had been moved up a deck and to an outside cabin. And we didn't have to do anything!" (more from "What's with Cabin Upgrades?")

·  ... "should I sail with Santa?"
"It was a REAL vacation for my daughter and myself, although we had both decorated our homes for the holiday. The ship was extremely festive." (more from "Christmas Cruise - Were You Sad or Glad?")

·  ... "what are the chances the casinos will leave me minted?"
"While waiting, I put a $20 bill in the machine beside me and hit the spin button one time and hit for $5000.00!" (more from "Casinos")

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