Rental Cars Don’t Float and Other Travel Mistakes

For travel nuts, trips top many a resolution list--- who doesn't want to resolve to explore the Greek Islands? However, before you were your own travel agent, your list might have included a more basic promise to be a smarter traveler. Looking back at a travel mishap, you might crave some sort of divine intervention---a way to go back and know then what you know now.

But what's the fun in that? Some of the best travel stories involve lost luggage, misspent money, and a few wrong trains. We've compiled a light-hearted list of forums threads that delve into some of our users' experiences doing it the hard way:

A Night's Stay in a Parisian Slammer
"Assuming my brother would a get a phone call from jail in Paris...." more from Describe Your First Time Traveler Mistakes

The Floating Rental Car
"Well there was the time when I locked the keys inside our rental car...while parked on Dayton the tide came in..." more from What's the dumbest mistake you've ever made while on vacation?

Soaked in London
"I actually sent laundry out at Claridges, for which I deserve the stupid award of the century. For the price, my husband and I could probably have had a wonderful meal at Buckingham Palace..." more from What was your biggest waste of money on your trip?

Cokes Fit for a King
"Ordering 3 cokes with a meal in Piazza Navona without knowing that they charged 5.50 euro each..." more from Rookie Mistakes: ITALY

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