Food industry wins FASA awards

Winners of the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA)  Awards for Excellence in Franchising 2011 are:

From the early days when a handful of franchisors got together to lay down the business ethics that form the foundation of the local franchise sector, the FASA has been honouring its members with the FASA Awards for Excellence in Franchising. The FASA annual awards held last week celebrates its 21st anniversary.

The awards highlight those franchisors and franchisees that choose to be members of FASA and uphold the association’s high ethical standards as well as the contribution that the sector makes to various industries within the economy. Its contribution of 11.8% to GDP is larger than many other industries – including agriculture, mining, electricity, construction and transport.

Vera Valasis, executive director of FASA, points out that the association represents the highest number of franchisors in its 32-year history and in the past year over 25 franchises joined, many of them new concepts.

“Despite the economic downturn, franchising continues to be a dominant business format as far as SME development is concerned. Across the globe small business is recognised as the safety net of any economy and franchising proved its resilience in the face of the global recession. And, of course, one must also not forget that fascinating anomaly that some of the greatest companies and franchises have been started and built during the worst of times.”

Over the years, as new concepts grow from fledgling to big brands, they use the FASA Awards to mark key stages of their development – with both the franchise sector and the public watching with interest as the burger or pizza brands are pitted against each other, and new entrants challenge the status quo. From just a handful of business sectors, franchising today in South Africa covers 17 business sectors – with a long way to go to reach the over 50 business sectors present within developed countries.

In the image above are all the winners (from left): Derek Smith and Tonie Roskell of The Coffee Stop; Gerald and Cedric Brown of DoRego’s; Masurick van der Walt of Tina Cowley Reading Centre; and Renier Hattingh and Riaan van den Berg of Scooters Pizza.

For full details of award winners and runners-up as well as their company profiles go to

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