Air Travel and the Environment – Climate Crisis, Climate Change and Carbon Taxes

The impact of air travel and the environment is increasingly being noted by air travelers and also by airlines. In an effort to reduce the damage caused by air travel, a few airlines are looking at carbon offsets of their own, to neutralize the effects of their flights on the environment. As travelers, there are hundreds of projects that you can buy carbon offsets to neutralize your footprint on the global climate.

Several major airlines in the US have no carbon offsetting plans. However, these are the carbon offset programs and options available through the major airlines in the United States:
American Airlines
BeGreen - "And what's unique about us is that every product we sell supports green technologies like renewable energy, forest sequestration, and energy efficiency projects. "
Delta Airlines
The Conservation Fund - Carbon offsets are spent on planting trees. "In just one year, Delta and its customers have raised enough funds to plant 102,065 trees that over their lifetime are expected to trap 64,000 tons of carbon dioxide-that's enough to offset the carbon footprint of more than 2,900 Americans for one year."
Continental Airlines
Carbon Offset Program - "Continental and STI will help you invest your carbon offsets in high-impact projects designed to reduce greenhouse gases, such as reforestation or renewable energy."
Frontier Airlines
Plans to introduce a carbon offset program in the future.
Jetting to Green - JetBlue is paired up with Carbon Fund and has links to carbon offset calculators.
United Airlines
Every Action Counts - partnered with Sustainable Travel International (STI) and Conservation International.

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